Digital Nomad Life Academy

Get ready to free yourself from the corporate rat race, give yourself the gift of freedom and create the life of your dreams.

I've helped dozens of clients create a business that they can do from anywhere, even if they were starting from scratch.


What is the Digital Nomad Life Academy?

Digital Nomad Life Academy is an online course + remote community designed to help you create your first profitable 100% remote business.

Designed to take you (and your future nomad friends) from 9-5 to YOU decide.

With trainings on: Online Business Creation, Marketing, Branding, Inner Work, Manifestation, & Digital Nomadism

Inside You Will Get..



My signature online course is the very first step on your journey to Digital Nomadism and your first dose of my mindset training. People have called the course "extremely eye-opening" "beyond inspiring" and "game-changing," and it will be the perfect thing to set you up for massive success in the group program.

+ 360* Career Assessment


Academy course: 18 weeks of business, marketing, & entrepreneurship shadow work content

+ thought-provoking worksheets and assignments to help you apply what you’ve learned to your own business


Clarity on Your Path 
Knowing what direction (and what remote business you will build) is absolutely critical if you are to have success in this program. That's why when you enroll you will be required to take the prerequisite coursework, the Digital Nomad Starter Codes before you begin. This course is designed to open up your mind to the infinite business possibilities that you have as an online service provider business. Once you finish the course you will have the option of filling out the corresponding 360* career assessment.

Additionally, you can apply to have your career assessment interpreted by Christa who will look at your responses and suggest remote business ideas that are aligned with your personality, skillset, interests, and experiences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are only 40 spots available per semester for a career assessment /interpretation by Christa. They require an extra payment of $444 and are offered on a first come first serve basis.     

Utilizing the Law of Attraction 
This is a key principle in what I teach and how I coach. Without a clear vision, it is not possible to manifest your dream life. I take a quantum-science-based approach in explaining how you can leverage this universal law to achieve success and abundance in your quest for location independence. 

Remote Skill Development
I don't expect you to enter the program with a full-stack set of remote skills. Instead, I point you in the right direction of where and how you can pick up just the most important skills you need the most in order to get started making money online in the shortest amount of time.


Remote Business Foundations
Know nothing about remote business building? We will cover the big-picture basics you need to know upfront, so you will know what to expect in the coming weeks, which will help you avoid the classic entrepreneurial overwhelm.

Remote Business Planning
Once you have a clear idea of what business you want to create and have spent a few weeks developing a new skill, it's time to start taking real action by making a business plan and determining what niche you will zero in on. 

Market Research
In this program, we only build businesses that people actually want and are proven to work! This is why the market research phase is essential when it comes time to validate your business idea. 


Creating Your Offer
After you have done your market research, I will teach you how you can create an offer, including services and pricing with confidence.

Validating your offer on the market
In this final round of market research, you will see if the offer is enticing to your ideal client. This is your first opportunity to start testing out your service with real paying clients.

Overcoming fears & limiting beliefs when selling
Sales can feel "icky" at best and terrifying at worst, as selling something can surface a lot of limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. Here you will learn how to overcome all of this and sell from the heart in the least "salesy" way.


Showing Up On Social Media
Telling the world what you're doing now can be the scariest part of the whole process. Mindset training is essential in this phase! Learn how to overcome any lack of confidence you have so you can be excited to show up authentically and feel proud to promote your new remote business.

Personal & Business Branding
Creating a business is one of the most intense personal-development experiences one can go through! This is why we will not only focus on your business branding but your personal branding too so you can show up in ALL areas of your life as "YOU, Version Two."

Content Marketing Strategy, Science & Psychology
There will be no posting to Instagram for the sake of it. I will teach you how to post in a way that is intentional and gets you clients who will be excited to work with you and happy to pay you!


Finding & Getting Paying Clients
There are many ways to get clients when it comes to online marketing. Here you will learn about all of your options so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for you based on what you're comfortable doing and where you are comfortable showing up online.  

Content Creation for Client Attraction & Acquisition
It's time to hone in on your content creation. Learn how to be an effective storyteller and attract the clients you most want to work with. 

Advanced Marketing
For the high achievers, this advanced marketing lesson will come right in time! This content will set you up for success long after the program ends and even will introduce to you new ways of creating passive income.


Make Back Your Investment Challenge
The final three weeks of the program will be dedicated to offering you support and guidance as you put everything you've learned thus far into practice. To motivate you to face your fears and get down to business pitching and selling to new clients, you will be in competition with the other 30 participants of the program to make back your investment in the shortest amount of time.

You may have completed the program, but you will still be at the very early stages of your business. Graduation is an opportunity to reflect on all of the personal growth you will have gone through, to celebrate your achievements as a new entrepreneur, and to set you up for success and community support that you can lean on long after the program is done. 

ONGOING: Mindset and Inner Work

This is an ongoing and key component to the program, which yes, primarily is about building a remote business, but it’s equally about having an inner transformation. The Inner Work component involves mindset exercises and habits that will help you to surface, eliminate, and liberate you from any fears and limiting beliefs you have around changing your lifestyle / building a business / showing up online, etc. Entrepreneurship is one of the best mirrors to the soul, so the inner work you do along your entrepreneurial journey, the more powerful transformation you will have.

Here are some topics we will cover:

  • Subconscious Reprogramming 
  • Establishing a Morning Routine With Meditation
  • Identifying & Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Money Mindset & Manifestation
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Choosing Abundance Over Scarcity Mindset
  • New Reality Creation v Victimhood
  • Cultivating Confidence With a New Self Concept
  • Envisioning & Embodying Your Future Self



  • Two-hour Kickoff call with Christa on March 6/7th to set you up for success (live at 8am EST / replay available)
  • Monthly goal setting & manifestation workshop with guest coach (until July)
  • Weekly Q&A about the program content with guest coach and/or Christa (until July)




  • Unlimited text support about course content (until July)
  • Facilitated networking events to meet others in the community (until July)


When you pay in full, you’ll also receive...

Mastering Life as a Digital Nomad Course + Workbook
(value: $497)


This course & workbook bundle will be your ultimate guide when it comes time to actually take off on your first digital nomad journey. Covering topics such as insurance, money management while traveling, packing, digital nomad destinations, maintaining relationships and making friends, (and so much more!) you will have all of your bases covered whenever you book that first flight to nomad life!

Imagine if you could start traveling the world NOW instead of waiting or retirement


It's all possible if you take action like I did.

A sampling of the results my clients get when they participate in Digital Nomad coaching

Below find stories from my former clients about where they were and how they transformed their lives and careers once we started working together. Typically, they start off having NO idea of what they can or want to do and eventually find a path that feels aligned and purposeful.

Inside the Digital Nomad Life Academy, you will learn everything you need to know in order to build a profitable business online that you can do from anywhere, WHILE undergoing an incredible personal development transformation!


  1. First you’ll learn what your options are when it comes to remote work by taking the Digital Nomad Starter Codes course, which will not only introduce you to what the remote work landscape really involves (not just what the “top 10 digital nomad jobs list says!), but will open your subconscious mind to more creative thinking, helping you come up with business ideas that are soul-aligned with you.

  2. Then you’ll decide what business to create as you discover YOUR best & most profitable path to work online with the 360* Nomad Career Test™ (corresponds to the Digital Nomad Starter Codes). Here you’ll make a decision once and for all about what business you will create within the Academy.

  3. Fill your brain with 1-hour of easy-to-follow marketing, business, and shadow work videos each week, which will show you the exact step-by-step process you can follow to start building a remote incomeThis content that can be applied to any small-service provider biz idea, if you follow the steps outlined you can start making real money from anywhere in the world - even if you have no experience.

  4. Connect and network with like-minded people from all over the world who are following the same process as you and have the same dreams of travel & entrepreneurship.

So to recap...
When you buy before the timer reaches ZERO..

Designed to take you (and your future nomad friends) from 9-5 to YOU decide.

All the coaching worth $5,539

18 video lectures
+ certificates of enrollment & completion*
A college semester’s worth of educational content in marketing, sales, branding and social media
(value $1,997)

10+ biz building & shadow work worksheets
(value $99)

18+ community coaching calls
Lead by Christa

10+ facilitated networking events & guest coaching calls
Hosted by other successful digital nomads
(value $888)

1 year subscription to the exclusive virtual community
For networking and 24/hr content support for 1 year
(value $333)

Pay in Full + Bonuses

One payment of $2,222

Save $778 by paying in full and get free access to Master the Digital Nomad Lifestyle course (value $497)


Payment Plan

Four payments of $555

By opting for the payment plan, you will be charged your first of four payments today. The remaining three payments will be charged monthly. 


Add on Career Assessment


There are ONLY 40 spots available per semester to purchase a career assessment and are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Whether you join with a payment plan or pay-in-full, you are able to tick a box at the checkout page to add on this service for an additional $444. 

When you purchase a career assessment, you will get on a call with Christa (and three other academy students) and she will interpret the answers you filled out in the career assessment to suggest a remote career that is aligned with your personality, skillset, experience and interests. Many students say that the career assessment feels like a psychic reading!

TOTAL VALUE: Priceless.


Got Questions?

A sampling of the results my clients get when they participate in Digital Nomad Training

Below find stories from my former clients about where they were and how they transformed their lives and careers once we started working together. Typically, they start off having NO idea of what they can or want to do and eventually find a path that feels aligned and purposeful.

No refund policy - Make sure you’re committed

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