A 6 month online group program designed to take you (and your future nomad friends) from 9-5 to YOU decide.

It's time to free yourself from the corporate rat race and give yourself the gift of freedom!

Join the program!

All you need is a remote biz idea that is aligned with YOUR personality and step-by-step business mentorship to create the life of your dreams!

“Over 80% of people who have been working from home through the COVID-19 pandemic don't want to go back to the office full time” - Harvard Business School.

You think you're “stuck” in your current job because you don't have any skills to be a digital nomad...


But the truth is that by Summer 2023, you could have a whole NEW skillset and a new business that affords you the ability work from anywhere!


Are you ready to liberate yourself from the corporate rat race THIS YEAR? (By Summer)


If you answered YES, but you’re feeling STUCK because you don’t know HOW to make it happen, then this program was designed for you.

Listen. I know you’re reading this page for a reason.

Are you here because you don’t know how to achieve your goal or feel lost? Have you tried and failed to make this lifestyle happen? 

 It could be so EASY for you.

You just need to be taken through the exact step-by-step process of building a remote biz to start making real money doing something you’ll THRIVE in within a matter of months.

Imagine if you were able to...

πŸ‘‰ Free yourself from the commute & corporate rat race forever

πŸ‘‰ Start traveling the world now instead of waiting for retirement

πŸ‘‰ Create a business that you can do from anywhere & feels like a hobby

πŸ‘‰ Establish a long-term career with uncapped earning potential

πŸ‘‰ Prioritize yourself, your time, your dreams, your interests in a way you never have before

πŸ‘‰ Have enough confidence to quit the job you hate, knowing that a profitable remote business is in your immediate future.

Hi Dreamer,

I'm Christa, and I've been a digital nomad since 2013.

I've traveled the world to 60 countries all while working remotely as an employee, a freelancer, solopreneur, content creator, consultant, and coach.

I have already trial-and-errored all the ways to become a digital nomad for you. I know what works, and what doesn’t work.

I know that teaching one specific remote-friendly skill does not work for everyone. That’s why I focus on the alignment of skills, personality, interests, and financial goals with all my clients.

Because we are all different, you must know yourself (and your manifestation blocks) if you are to be successful in your mission to free yourself and become a digital nomad.

Let me show you how you can achieve YOUR digital nomad dreams.

Do you relate to any of the below?

βœ”οΈ You know there’s more out there for you, but you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the different remote job options. 

βœ”οΈ You could use some support in choosing a remote career direction which not only creates the money you want to make but is also fulfilling.

βœ”οΈ You want to travel the world, but feel like you’ll never have the time and money. Being a digital nomad creates the freedom in your life to create your own schedule and never be capped at a certain income.

βœ”οΈ You want more choices in your life. You don't want to have to ask for time off or permission to go somewhere.

βœ”οΈ You've thought about being a digital nomad but are worried that you'll end up with a job that's boring, undesirable, and doesn't pay. 

I understand these fears, but I want to reassure you that even though they are valid, they are not likely to cause you any issues! For example, did you know that most digital nomads have uncapped earning potential AND do jobs they love?

I know you’re desperately seeking the freedom lifestyle, if only you knew HOW to make it happen!

It's impossible to get started as a digital nomad when you have no idea what job you would even do.

This is why so many people fall into the TRAP of signing up with a pyramid scheme or buying a course that teaches them to become an influencer, declaring that "this is the best / only way to become a digital nomad."


But you might fall victim to their claims because:

There is so much poor quality advice on the internet about how to become a digital nomad, you get sucked into complete information overload which just makes you shut down your laptop and lose all hope.

The online/digital space is a minefield to you and you think you’ll need to first educate yourself on all these different skills BEFORE you can even think about finding a remote job. 

You think you’ll need to save lots of money first (as a backup) before you take the leap and thus are afraid to invest in a program that's going to *actually* teach you how to choose a career that is suited for YOUR personality, skillset, and interests. 

Listen, I get that it's scary.

The more you think about how to be a digital nomad, the more concerns and fears it brings up...

πŸ€” How will I find clients? And who will want to hire me? Others make it look so easy, but they’re so confident and seem to have no troubles with putting themselves “out there.”

πŸ€” I don’t have a big audience or know how to grow one. When will I find the time to create content and market myself? Starting from ZERO seems exhausting and extremely time consuming.

πŸ€” How do I know I’m ready and that this is definitely what I want to do? I fear failure and what people (friends and family) will say if this doesn’t work out. I know I need a group of supportive biz friends so I don’t feel so alone.

These fears are exactly the reason why having a coach to guide you will be the key factor to your success.

Getting started as a digital nomad doesn’t need to be scary though!

With some guidance and accountability from someone who has done it all before you, you can have this lifestyle too EVEN IF:

πŸ‘‰ You currently have limited free time working a 9-5

πŸ‘‰ You think you don’t have enough money saved

πŸ‘‰ You don’t feel like now is the “right time”

πŸ‘‰ You think that you have to choose between prioritizing career/money or lifestyle

πŸ‘‰ You think you’re “stuck” doing your current job and don’t have any skills that translate online

πŸ‘‰ You’re stuck in fear of failure and judgment from others

Most of my clients have full-time jobs, a poor money mindset, and very few people around them that they can share their hopes and dreams with who will actually "get it." They ALL feel stuck and want more for themselves. 


❌ Endless hours scrolling google trying to figure what digital nomad job you could do

❌ Doubting your abilities and whether you’re doing the “right” thing

❌ Feeling alone trying to figure it all out

❌ Feeling stuck where you are with no way out to explore the world

❌ Living a life unfulfilled and boring

❌ Working for someone else with very little benefits for yourself

❌ Feeling depressed and broke

❌ Long commutes

❌ Feeling limited on the amount you can travel and feeling like you’ll never complete even half your bucket list

❌ Living for the weekends

❌ Having a cap on your income unless you get a promotion or raise (which still has its limits)

❌ Playing small, never knowing what it’s like to have ultimate freedom (before you’re old and retired)

❌ Wasting time and money trying to figure it out yourself (and still not getting results)

❌ Stressing about missing a day of work

❌ Having to ask to take time off for a holiday


Don’t you want to know HOW others make being a digital nomad look so easy?

If you still have doubts, keep reading. I'm going to show you how I made a living as a digital nomad work, not just for myself, but also for my clients. Using my step-by-step formula to find a fully aligned job plus manage your time traveling.

Have you ever actually stopped and pictured your life as a digital nomad?

Just imagine....

so you can stop working a 9-5, desperately trying to climb up a corporate ladder that you'll never be the CEO of.

now, while you're young and healthy and not having to wait until you retire to start really having fun.

so you can afford the insurance and investments that are best for you rather than relying on your company to "give" it to you (aka taking it out of your paycheck).

Life happens and things change. Why must our desks stay in the same place all the time? If this means from your bed or by the beach, in the city of your dreams, or with your significant other, it doesn't matter. You can be where you want. 

 Often our employers guilt trip us into working more than we are contracted to, or feeling like our vacation time is an inconvenience to them. It's time to chase your own personal dreams, work on your self development and explore different hobbies and interests. 

When you live life on your OWN terms, you have more control over your time, space, and who you spend time with. Anything that doesn't make you happy can be cut out of your life whenever you decide. 

If I can have all of this, there's absolutely NO REASON why you can't have it too.

I didn't have any money saved, I didn't have any remote experience, and I didn't have any confidence when I started my nomad journey. 

So no excuses. If you WANT this lifestyle, you CAN have it. 

Hi, I’m Christa and I’ve been traveling the world while working online full-time for nearly 8 years now! 

I’ve tested almost EVERY method to digital nomadism there is. This is my story of how I personally got started:


Depressed, broke, and living in scarcity

πŸ™ Living in a shoe-box apartment with no natural light in NYC

πŸš‡ Commuting 1 hr per day to a job I didn’t like and didn’t feel respected at

πŸ•Feeling broke AF, eating unhealthy dollar-slice pizza 3x/week for dinner to save money

🍺 Living for the weekends because I’d often end up working until 8pm

β›“ Going on one trip per year when all I wanted to do was travel


True freedom in every way, living in abundance

πŸ’°I make more money than ever before

🌎 I’ve traveled the world, to ~60 countries

🌴I live in a beautiful home in a tropical paradise with my best friend

✈️ I spend my time how I please, taking days off & going on long trips whenever I want

🌞 Waking up and working only during the hours I feel at my best


It all started when I got fired from my 9-5 job in NYC with no money saved. Desperate times called for desperate measures! My ego was crushed and I was broke, so I sold all my stuff and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand to be an English teacher (which in 2013 was the cheapest and fastest way I could start traveling the world while making money). I had never heard of the term “digital nomad” at that point. 

After two years in Thailand, I knew I wanted a career that was more aligned with my personality, so I moved back to the US to figure it out. I tried EVERYTHING as a freelancer. Eventually, one of my freelancing gigs turned into a full-time remote job offer.

To celebrate, I took a short trip to Costa Rica and had a lightbulb moment… I could actually DO this work-remotely-and-travel thing! So I started traveling. And traveling. And traveling more eventually to 60 countries!

After years of working remotely for someone else, once again I craved more fulfillment (and more money!). I tried to start a remote business THREE times and failed each time until ultimately I hired my first of many business coaches. 

Hiring a coach changed my life. She gave me the direction and accountability I needed to build a profitable business in a short period of time, and it WORKED.

I made back my investment in a matter of months and now, two years later I’m teaching others how to do exactly what I have spent the past 8 years learning. 

I now coach others on how to become digital nomads by showing them exactly how I did it and letting them learn from all my failures, mistakes, and successes.

How would it feel if:

You didn't need to rely on an employer to pay for your insurance and 401k (because you could afford it on your own)? 

You had a job that you loved so much, it felt like a hobby?

No one made you feel guilty for taking time off of work when you need a mental health or travel day?

You could travel the world AND make an income big enough that the number in your bank account never goes down?

You were making MORE money than you currently do in your 9-5?

You could spend 2 months in the country of your choice, without having to take any vacation time?



A 6 month online group program designed to take you (and your future nomad friends) from 9-5 to YOU decide.

With trainings on: Online Business Creation, Marketing, Branding, Inner Work, Manifestation, & Digital Nomadism

An intimate 6 months Business and Lifestyle group training, held from January to July in which I will personally:

Help you identify what is your best & most profitable path to work online with my 360* Nomad Career Test ™ -- all based on your unique personality, interests, and experiences.

Walk you through the exact step-by-step process of building a remote income that can be applied to any online biz idea 

Introduce you to a tight-knit and super supportive community of like-minded people (who will become your people, and your travel buddies long after the program ends)

Guide you along an inner-work journey so you can free your mind from the limiting beliefs and bad habits, that are holding you back from freedom

Join the program!

Here's what you'll get over the 6 month period:

Personal Coaching 

I'm at your service in this program! You and I will have at least 6 calls where you will receive personalized coaching from me directly (that's not even including the group coaching calls!)

Business Mentoring

6 month of business, marketing, and branding content, delivered to you in a clear, step-by-step order. All you have to do is follow along by filling out the worksheets and watching the re-recorded coaching videos each week.

Community Support

You will get to know a handful of rad humans very well, all of who share the same goal of launching a business and becoming a digital nomad. Ready for new friends, business partners, and travel buddies?

Inner Work Guidance

I'm BIG on mindset and subconscious reprogramming work. If you can come open-minded and open-hearted to this program, you'll see how your whole life starts to transform from the inside out. 

6 Months

6 Phases of Business Building & Marketing


Clarity on Your Path 
With my signature 360* Remote Career & Personality Analysis I use the information you provide as well as my intuitive abilities to help you decide on a career path that you will be so excited by. 95% of the time I do these calls, we come to a conclusion within 30 minutes that the client has never considered and can't wait to get started on.

Utilizing the Law of Attraction 
This is a key principle in what I teach and how I coach. Without a clear vision, it is not possible to manifest your dream life. I take a quantum-science-based approach in explaining how you can leverage this universal law to achieve success and abundance in your quest for location independence. 

Remote Skill Development
I don't expect you to enter the program with a full-stack set of remote skills. Instead, I point you in the right direction of where and how you can pick up just the most important skills you need the most in order to get started making money online in the shortest amount of time.


Remote Business Foundations
Know nothing about remote business building? We will cover the big-picture basics you need to know upfront, so you will know what to expect in the coming weeks, which will help you avoid the classic entrepreneurial overwhelm.

Remote Business Planning
Once you have a clear idea of what business you want to create and have spent a few weeks developing a new skill, it's time to start taking real action by making a business plan and determining what niche you will zero in on. 

Market Research
In this program, we only build businesses that people actually want and are proven to work! This is why the market research phase is essential when it comes time to validate your business idea. 


Creating Your Offer
After you have done your market research, I will teach you how you can create an offer, including services and pricing with confidence.

Validating your offer on the market
In this final round of market research, you will see if the offer is enticing to your ideal client. This is your first opportunity to start testing out your service with real paying clients.

Overcoming fears & limiting beliefs when selling
Sales can feel "icky" at best and terrifying at worst, as selling something can surface a lot of limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. Here you will learn how to overcome all of this and sell from the heart in the least "salesy" way.


Showing Up On Social Media
Telling the world what you're doing now can be the scariest part of the whole process. Mindset training is essential in this phase! Learn how to overcome any lack of confidence you have so you can be excited to show up authentically and feel proud to promote your new remote business.

Personal & Business Branding
Creating a business is one of the most intense personal-development experiences one can go through! This is why we will not only focus on your business branding but your personal branding too so you can show up in ALL areas of your life as "YOU, Version Two."

Content Marketing Strategy, Science & Psychology
There will be no posting to Instagram for the sake of it. I will teach you how to post in a way that is intentional and gets you clients who will be excited to work with you and happy to pay you!


Finding & Getting Paying Clients
There are many ways to get clients when it comes to online marketing. Here you will learn about all of your options so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for you based on what you're comfortable doing and where you are comfortable showing up online.  

Content Creation for Client Attraction & Acquisition
It's time to hone in on your content creation. Learn how to be an effective storyteller and attract the clients you most want to work with. 

Advanced Marketing
For the high achievers, this advanced marketing lesson will come right in time! This content will set you up for success long after the program ends and even will introduce to you new ways of creating passive income.


Make Back Your Investment Challenge
The final three weeks of the program will be dedicated to offering you support and guidance as you put everything you've learned thus far into practice. To motivate you to face your fears and get down to business pitching and selling to new clients, you will be in competition with the other 30 participants of the program to make back your investment in the shortest amount of time.

You may have completed the program, but you will still be at the very early stages of your business. Graduation is an opportunity to reflect on all of the personal growth you will have gone through, to celebrate your achievements as a new entrepreneur, and to set you up for success and community support that you can lean on long after the program is done. 

If all it did was teach you a college semester's worth of marketing and helped you make back your investment, would it be worth it?

ONGOING: Mindset and Inner Work

This is an ongoing and key component to the program, which yes, primarily is about building a remote business, but it’s equally about having an inner transformation. The Inner Work component involves mindset exercises and habits that will help you to surface, eliminate, and liberate you from any fears and limiting beliefs you have around changing your lifestyle / building a business / showing up online, etc. Entrepreneurship is one of the best mirrors to the soul, so the inner work you do along your entrepreneurial journey, the more powerful transformation you will have.

Here are some topics we will cover:

  • Subconscious Reprogramming 
  • Establishing a Morning Routine With Meditation
  • Identifying & Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Money Mindset & Manifestation
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Choosing Abundance Over Scarcity Mindset
  • New Reality Creation v Victimhood
  • Cultivating Confidence With a New Self Concept
  • Envisioning & Embodying Your Future Self

If all it did was teach you how to overcome the subconscious beliefs that keep you playing small in life, would it be worth it?


When you sign up to Digital Nomad by Summer, you’ll also receive...

1-Year VIP Client Support
(value: $2,222)

Add an entire YEAR of entrepreneurship support and guidance onto your VIP experience after graduation:

  • Weekly Q&A support calls
  • Monthly workshops
    Ongoing Mastermind Groups
  • Participation in client directory
  • Slack Community & Book Club



Digital Nomad Starter Codes Career Assessment
(value: $800)

My personal suggestion on what your Digital Nomad career should be:

How to get started & structure your thoughts around becoming a Digital Nomad.

  • Digital Nomad Job Opportunities 
  • Timelines & Success Strategies
  • Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship & finding the right job for you..



2-Week Mindset Coaching
(value: $444)


Two weeks of Coaching to help you:

  • Break free once and for all from your limiting beliefs
  • Create a new vision for your life
  • Cultivate confidence that you are WORTHY of your dreams
  • Meet and make friends with likeminded people




How to host a Coaching Call 
(value: $298) 


Coaching is amazing - when done correctly. Learn the concept of coaching & identify what parts of your coaching experience can be improved.

  • The Coaching Concept you must understand
  • How to know if you are a good or a bad coach
  • Intentionality in your business & coaching practice

  •  Onboarding & Setting the container

  • Holding Space
  • Witnessing your client
  • Concluding the call & offering value



Re-Program your Mind for Abundance & Success as a Digital Nomad: A Meditation Bundle
(value: $298) 

Coaching is amazing - when done correctly. Learn the concept of coaching & identify what parts of your coaching experience can be improved.

  • The Coaching Concept you must understand
  • How to know if you are a good or a bad coach
  • Intentionality in your business & coaching practice

  •  Onboarding & Setting the container

  • Holding Space
  • Witnessing your client
  • Concluding the call & offering value





Shadow Work Coursework & Prompts
(value: $199)

A video and worksheet series to guide you through the process of dealing with the most common mental setbacks that entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads face, including:

- Limiting Beliefs
- Self Sabotage
- Facing Criticisms and Insecurities
- Imposter Syndrome
- Setting Boundaries
- Fear of Failure
- Fear of Rejection
- Unworthiness of Success
- Overcoming Procrastination
- Problems with Perfectionism
- Money Mindset blocks

With trainings on:
- How to meditate
- Finding Safety in a Shadow

Entrepreneurship Workshops & ToolKit
(value: $222)

Money Mindset for Early Entrepreneurs
by Nikki Bartol

Shadow Work for New Entrepreneurs
by Jenelle Annette

Masculine & Feminine Energy in Business
by Courtney Cedeno

Nervous System Regulation For Biz Owners
by Beatrice Alexander

Freelancer Success Workshop
by Calvin Macleod

Personal Branding & Marketing Strategy
by Katie Shafer

When to Quit Your Job and Go All-In
by Christa Romano










Mastering the Digital Nomad Lifestyle
(value: $497) 

The digital nomad lifestyle can be stressful, lonely, expensive, heavy, and ultimately not sustainable IF the nomad doesn't understand the 6-hours of wisdom that this course is jam-packed with! Below is a summary of what you will learn:

Preparing For Nomad Life
Dealing with criticism, What to do about your home & car, adopting minimalism, finding accommodation for long-term travel

Packing 101:
Packing do’s and don'ts, Essential list of nomad items

Practical Lifestyle Tips
Spending & saving money as a nomad v a "normie," saving for retirement even if you don’t have benefits, Taxes & foreign transaction fees 

Flights & Visas
Visas to stay legal, essential mindset when booking flights, How to book cheap and flexible flights like a pro, traveler credit cards, frequent flier miles & points

Health & Safety
How to stay safe and avoid danger as a solo traveler, the best insurance for nomads, finding the medication & birth control while abroad, medical tourism, diet & exercise tips for travelers so you don’t get fat while traveling, mental health for nomads 

Work & Career
Working with different time zones, effective communication strategies for remote workers, how to not get fired, how to get promoted/impress clients from anywhere, find good wifi anywhere, how to check wifi quality & speed 

Nomadic Destinations & Relationships 
Best destinations, avoiding / overcoming loneliness as a solo traveler, tapping into the nomad community and CoLiving, meeting people & making friends while traveling solo, dating as a Nomad



1 private welcome call as soon as you sign up (value: $300)

1 private SOS call to use any time DURING the program (value: $1200) PAY IN FULL ONLY!


1 Career Assessment by Christa (value: $800)

6 Mastermind Sessions with Christa (value: $4,800)

18 Peer Group Calls for brainstorming & strategy support with your assigned peer group (value: $1,800)

2+ Exclusive VIP Community Calls lead by Christa (value: $600)


6 months of private Voice Message Coaching (value: $3,000)


  DNLA 6-month Access During Your Program- (value: $1,111)

6 personal development workshops held by guest experts

6 business coaching calls with guest coach

6 “find your purpose” calls with guest coach

6 Speed Networking Events


TOTAL: $13,611




Digital Nomad Starter Codes  Course (value: $199)

18 video lectures focused on marketing, sales, branding, & business building (a college semester’s worth) (value: $1,999)

Access to our private Slack community & Instagram group for networking & 24/hr social media support (value: $300)

10 easy-to-follow worksheets & homework assignments (value: $100)


TOTAL: $2598



And $4,028 Worth of BONUSES!



1 year, Post Grad DNLA membership (value: $2,222)

Ticket to 2-Week Limiting Beliefs Workshop (value: $444)

Entrepreneurship Workshops & ToolKit (value: $222)

Shadow Work for Entrepreneurs Coursework (value: $199)

Mastering the Digital Nomad Lifestyle (value: $497)

Mindset Coaching Replay (value: $444)


GRAND TOTAL Program Value: $20,237

Price Today:


Pay in Full + Bonuses

One time payment of $5,555

To reward you for paying-in-full, you will also receive:

  • One free 1:1 SOS call with Christa to redeem at any time during the program ($800)
  • One additional month of VM coaching to make your program 6 month instead of 5 ($1200)

Payment Plan

Five monthly payments of $1,200

By opting for the payment plan, you will be charged your first of five payments today.

The remaining four payments will be charged monthly to your card on file based on the day you signed up.

Payment plans will not receive a 1:1 SOS call or the extra month of VM coaching, however you will still get all the bonuses listed above!


Program Starts February 19th and finishes just before Summer!

A sampling of the results my clients get when they participate in Digital Nomad coaching

Below find stories from my former clients about where they were and how they transformed their lives and careers once we started working together. Typically, they start off having NO idea of what they can or want to do and eventually find a path that feels aligned and purposeful.


Got Questions?

Testimonials from happy clients whose lives have completely transformed!


Still on the fence? This course is for you if:

You’re feeling so sick of it: The rat race. The corporate world. The stress from your boss. The limited vacation time. The countless passionless and unfulfilling hours you’ve spent sitting at your desk.

You’re sure there’s more to life than working at a job you don’t love, but you’re not sure why everyone around you seems to be tolerating their situations so much better.

Somehow, you feel stuck or even trapped. Like there's no way out of your situation because you have bills to pay, people that want you around, and no one who understands you.

You sometimes catch yourself dreaming about how amazing it would be to get paid to do work that you feel fulfilled by, that you could also do from anywhere in the world...

... but then you stop and tell yourself it's probably not realistic for you πŸ’”

Maybe you're not sure because you don't know anyone else who is living the way you do, so you're not sure if it's actually possible or if everyone on Instagram is hiding the fact that they have a secret trust fund.

Maybe you already tried some methods of working remotely and they didn't pan out the way you wanted. Maybe someone told you the best way was to learn how to sell ads on Facebook or become an influencer and neither of those things appealed to you.

Maybe you recently lost your job and now your confidence is suffering. You're simply not sure if you're cut out for remote work.

Whatever the reason you think it's not possible for you, I bet if you and I could have an actual conversation I could show you how you have NO IDEA how many possibilities are out there that are perfectly suited for you!

Your life of freedom and fulfilment can only come to you if you take action and invest in yourself.

What is it going to take for you to take action on your dreams?

In case you need a recap, here's what's included:

The most in-depth 18-week online group program created to support you in escaping the corporate rat race and into a life of your dreams, however that looks to you! From travelling the world, to making more money than you ever have before. Not only do you get MY support for the next 4.5 months and an incredibly supportive community of like-minded people, but you’ll receive trainings on online business creation, marketing, branding, inner work, manifestation, and digital nomadism. What are you waiting for?